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Customer Testimonials for CREATIVE APPROCH REALTY

                      “Real Estate and MUCH MORE!”


We are real estate experts with licensed staff and dedicated individuals committed  to helping you buy or sell your next home in a professional, fun, and timely manner. However, we thought it might be helpful for you to see what the MUCH MORE includes.... Here are a few of many letters we've received from our clientel/friends!............



You're such an encouraging brother and realtor!! We're blessed to have you!

Pastor Rob Hannus



Thank you for your diligence, your attention to detail, recommendations, & your professionalism.  If you were in the NFL coaching ranks, Bill Cowher would be looking up to you!




What a blessing you are to our family!  Thank you, Kelly, for everything you did to help us sell, move and build our new home.  We are really enjoying it alot.  We will be keeping you in our prayers as you anticipate the birth of your new child soon.  What a great New Year's Blessing!  May Christ's love be with you now and throughout 2005!


Kerwin, Cheryl, Stephen, Ryan and Kyle



My wife & I would like to thank you so much for helping us locate a beautiful home in the Indianapolis metro area. Your professional service & assistance went way, way beyond what we were expecting. I'd recommend Creative Approach Realty to anyone who is frustrated by the lack of attention provided by the big realty firms that are more interested in making a buck than caring after their clients.

If there is anything you ever need, I'd love to return the favor. Thanks again for your attention & personal touch. We're so glad we chose Indiana's #1 realtor.





I am honored Kelly gave you my name.  You are very Blessed to have him representing you as he is a man of incredible integrity and character. Out of 7,000 Realtors in Indianapolis he is one of maybe 10 I would recommend my family to for their needs.

I look forward to serving you and your family.

Don Shanley

Branch Manager

The Shanley Team

Inlanta Mortgage


"A Privately Held Mortgage Bank"

We were wondering what kind of financing do you offer?  Is it only through banks, do you have possible land contracts?  The truth is, my husband and I do not have good credit.  There aren't current issues, however we both have things in our pasts that are there.  We are currently trying to get rid of most of them, but it is easier to acquire them then it is to get rid of them.  I guess our question is, do you have any financing directed at people with below stellar credit?  We have looked at your website and we just think you have an incredible company with an even more incredible message.  No matter what happens, wether we are able to buy a home now or not, when we are ready, we have every intention of going through your company.  I am so glad we came across your website. 
Thanks so much for your emails and your time. 
God Bless,
James & Tara


I truly hope you and your family are doing well.  Buying my house was really a good experience because of you and I thank you.

Theresa A. (Bought a home in Arcadia)



I just want to say what a wonderful job that you did Friday at the P.A.S.S. training networking with the kids and parents.  What an encourager you are!   I know all the parents and boys appreciated your presence, smiles, and kind words.  We are absolutely thrilled to have you as our coach to represent the Lions!  I know it must be hard to give up all of the time that you do for the team and please know it is so very much appreciated! Thanks Kelly!  All your efforts sure help our efforts to keep the football team going and we are very grateful!!

Grace to you,

 Jama & Dave 

"Kelly, you've been great, by the way.  I know that when I email you, I can expect an answer the next time I get online.  We really appreciate your professionalism and courtesy.  Plus, you're just a heck of a nice guy :-D  I just sent Jason an email thanking him for recommending you because we couldn't be more pleased. Talk to you soon.“
Misty and Adam
First Time Home Buyers
Hi Kelly.
Thanks for all of your help.  You were a blessing to us as we struggled with our personal dilemma: "To move or not to move, that is the question".
With your great E-mails of homes and the showings you arranged for us we needed no other agent, just you.  And it was through you diligence that helped us arrive at our decision.... we are staying in our house.  So we can now focus on other aspects of our decision to stay.....  redecorating this house, finding a church home, planning vacations, etc.
You are 'much more' than just real estate.  You are a friend.  Thank you for everything.
Kevin & Sandy
Kelly and Traci,
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your time, support, prayers, and guidance through this whole process. We wanted to give this to you in apprecition for all of your hard work.  We know that God has blessed your family and will continue to do so.  We'll continue to send people your way!  We hope one day to be able to repay your generosity!  God Bless!
Johhnny and Jenny
Sold and Purchased homes through Creative Approach
"Thanks so much Kelly for all your work!  You have done an excellent job!!"



"Hi Kelly,
I just wanted to thank you for lunch on Tuesday.  I really enjoyed meeting Barry again.  I'm
sure the two of you make a dynamite duo.  Most of all, I appreciate how the both of you are
totally sold out, born again Christians. I told my wife when we got home how good it felt   to be in the fellowship with strong committed Christian men.  I once had that, but after my
divorce relationships sometimes move in different directions.
Anyway, thanks again. I want you to know that my wife and I are praying for a great delivery
experience and of course, a healthy baby girl.
Thanks for everything.
In His service, Rick"

"Man, that is an awesome web site!  I like how the pictures just change.  You're  big time!  Thanks for everything!"



Video Coordinator, Indiana Fever

Happy Creative Approach Realty Client



“Thank you for your very informative letter letting us know of your “dream come true.” I am excited for what you are doing and that you want to bring glory to our Lord Jesus through this.  We at CE want to support you in any way we can…..Thanks for your support of us, Kelly.  I trust that we can be of encouragement to you as well. God’s best to you…”


In His Work,

Ed Lewis

Executive Director

CE National

Training and Encouraging Church Leadership




“Thank you for helping Travis and Amy with the purchase of their new home.  Please let me know if I can do anything for you…..”


Polly Blue

Davis Homes

Building Better Homes since 1951



“Thanks for the kind words Kelly.  I have really appreciated your team loyalty and enthusiasm for all that we do.  Your willingness to participate, no matter the chore or good deal, we always knew we could count on at least one guy to be there if he could….Your leadership by example is worthy of an MVP award in my book and one of a small number of reasons we were as successful as we were this year.  Thanks young man for all you do/have done…


Col. Jeff Wilkinson

GM Indiana Tornados

Minor League Professional Football Team


“We are so blessed by your enthusiasm and Heart…. We praise God for the times of fun, fellowship, and learning.  Thank you for your ministry. It is refreshing!


In Gratitude to God,


Chris Thifault


On Time Toys


Thanks a million for updating the pictures on the MLS. It looks FANTASTIC!! It almost makes me want to stay and not move......you made it look awesome. We greatly appreciate what you are doing for us and hopefully we'll have some interested buyers soon.
Have a wonderful evening.


Thank you so much for writing the letter for me!  I  really appreciate your  willingness to help me.  I am so happy to hear that you and your family are doing so well.  Thanks for the gift… I’ll use it at my Social Studies Center. It’s awesome! Thanks!!



Elementary School Teacher


“Hey Kelly I need some help and it is with keeping my relationship together…remember my girlfriend, she was looking for a home close by this summer, well we have had some rough couple of weeks…from outside influences steered at our relationship.  I would like you to….If any way you could talk to us together that would be even better because I have always trusted and listened to what you have said in our prayer circles as well as just watched as a man and father.  I like that and want that so bad…”


Indiana Tornado Football Player


....I also enjoyed your website and seeing how your commitment to Christ impacts your work.


Jon H. Mortgage Consultant.


Thank you for taking the time to drive all the way here and show us the houses.  Like I said before, we want to make sure the house we buy is the one we're going to be in for a long time, so we're going to be kinda pickey. 
Thanks for being so available.


Jill N. and Family - Warsaw Area Home Seekers



All of these wonderful people are more than clients, they are trusted friends.  At Creative Approach, we are Real Estate…. And MUCH MORE!!!


We offer FREE…


·         Biblical Counseling

·         Concerts

·         Speaking Engagements

·         Market Analysis

·        Help with ANY real estate or spiritual questions you may have!


We are working in YOUR community by helping people just like you buy and sell homes as well as providing the following….


·        counseling couples going through divorce/relationship issues

·        providing free concerts for children and adults (YMCA’s, Parks, Upward B.Ball)

·        providing inner city football clinics/testimonies

·        providing chaplaincy support for all who would ask (Indiana Tornados Football)

·        offering free family flag football games

·        providing men’s luncheon outreaches

·        providing meals/supplies/support to mentally disabled adults.

·        Sharing Christ’s love with all who would listen!


CREATIVE APPROCH is here to help YOU make a difference in your community as well, ONE person at a time!